Listening to hope

I wake up

in a bed

a place familiar yet not

I get up

I feel a presence

People familiar yet not

“Someone new has joined us”

“So they have, so they have”

“Wonder what his role will be”

“Who knows, who knows”

They speak as if detached

They speak as if they are looking at me through a cage

Through glass

As if I am of no consequence to them

“Who are you?”

“He speaks, he speaks”

“We are those who came before”

“Came before what? Came before who?

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“We came before you!”

Still confused still unsure

Something moves, myself

Eyes open, mine, yet not

I see the world

I see a room, grey, dark

I move, I open a door

A bright light shines

I squint, I see a person, he moves as I do

“Who is that?”

“He is us”

“We are him”

“We are he”

“And he is we”

“So who am I?”

“As plain as day”

“Just like us”

The me who is he, stares at himself

He is unrested, he is defeated, he is not happy

“What is the point”

“We should get back to bed”

“We need to start the day”

“Does it really matter?”


The unhappiness deepens on my face

The unhappiness grows in my chest

I do not like it

I do not like it

I want to change it

“Let’s change it, let’s make it matter”

Something shifts in his face

Something shifts inside me

“It can’t be done”

“Some things cannot change”

“This can. This will.”

“It’s too hard.”

“But not impossible”

“The world will work against us”

“Not all the time”

“There’s too much to do, too much risk”

“Life is a risk, we live anyway”

“Life might not be worth it”

“It will be if we make it so”

I fight against myself, all the time, everyday

Hoping for something better

Trying for something better

I will listen to the hope

I will make it so.

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