You dropped something/left something behind alarm

I am a clumsy person. I often forget things, drop things, almost trip, outright trip, etc. I keep telling myself to be more careful, take things slow, watch your step and all that stuff, but I still go on being clumsy.

One thing keeps happening to me is I either forget something, like leaving for work and forgetting to take my wallet, or I drop something, like if I’m taking out some money from my pocket and my house keys fall out and I don’t realise until much later.

That can be, at best, really annoying and at worst, it can ruin your day.

Which is why I wish I could have some sort of alarm or alert system, which would tell me if I dropped something or if I have left something behind. It would of course also have to tell me what the thing is because if it just starts beeping and doesn’t tell me, I’ll probably not realise what I have dropped or forgotten and I’ll think its broken or something.

It could be a machine like an old pager that starts beeping, and when I take it out it tells me what I have forgotten or left behind. Or, it could be some kind of service like an app which makes my phone ring and sends me a message.

It would be super useful and would take a good load of my shoulders. No more forgetting my wallet, no more forgetting my keys, no more losing loose change, or a thumb drive or a note or whatever.

Then again, I can also see myself getting very irritated all the time. Like of I’m rushing to work, the thing starts beeping, and I’d think, “Again! What the heck!” or if I’m talking to someone, take out my phone and then hear a loud beeping noise, that would be rather embarrassing.

Still, the positives outweigh the negatives and I would definitely want something like that, I’d probably even pay for it, as long as it wasn’t too expensive.

Do you feel the same?

Well that’s it for this post, hope you liked it and I hope you have a good day ahead.

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