It’s not what you think/Outside the box: The world of cartoons

As I find myself tall and now a grown up

Sipping my drink from a now small cup

Looking at memories, I could watch till next afternoon

The wonderful world of cartoons


Be they the western variety or Japan themed anime

They were always a place my mind could go play

A new world that filled me with glee

Where the impossible thrived for all to see


They was so much variety, so much to choose

I would turn on the TV and say bye to my blues

They have ones  filled with story or short comedy

Some for watching alone and for the family


They have cartoons for children and some for adults

Some, where they saved the world from evil cults

They would show new ones that got you hooked

And old ones that you might have overlooked


They made me laugh, they made me cry, or filled me with joy

They brought me so much happiness when I was a boy

They taught me what I should and shouldn’t say

They taught me valuable life lessons each day


They made me want to be someone new

Someone others could look up to

Someone funny, someone kind, someone inspiring

Someone ready to do anything


They made me courageous and taught me

The value of friendship, peace and harmony

They made want to try new things

In fact, it was cartoons that got me into story telling


They shaped me into the person that I am now

A man who dreams of making people go ‘wow’

A man who inspires others just so

The way cartoons inspired me long ago


And so, as story teller I write

This poem in the hope someone might

Read this and be inspired to

Introduce cartoons to other too

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