Jobs I wish Existed: Pick-you-upper

I’m sure a lot of you have experienced times when you were really low and had a hard time going about the rest of your day. Maybe you got shouted at, maybe something went wrong, maybe you’re just having a bad day.

Whatever the case, you’re feeling down and you need something or someone to motivate you, make you feel better and pick you back up again. That’s why I wish there was such a thing as a pick-you-upper.

A pick-you-upper would be a person who would be there for you and would help pick you up when you were feeling down. How? By giving a pep talk, making you watch cat videos, making you play with a piglet, whatever they think would be best to make you feel better at the moment.

Now just to be clear, I’m not talking about a psychiatrist who would solve your problems, but someone who picks you up when you’re feeling low, and that’s it.

Just imagine it, you’re feeling really low and don’t feel like doing anything at all. You call a Pick-you-upper, they either give you a pep talk over the phone (or text if you prefer) or they come over and help make you feel all better.

I know some people have friends who are willing to be that kind of person but not everyone has that friend. Or on the flip side, what if YOU are that friend, do YOU have someone who picks you up like how you pick others up? Maybe you do but what about other people who don’t? Who do they turn too? The answer is a pick-you-upper.

Now sadly I realise that this kind of thing can’t be free, after all, you have a person who is giving up their time to make you feel better and that person deserves to be compensated. But that’s why it’s a “Job” I wished existed.

Who knows, maybe if it worked well enough, some of the people who benefited from it could pay it forward and be a part time pick-you-upper themselves.

It’s a nice dream even if it can’t come true. What do you think?

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