One and two


You wake up

You brush your teeth

You wash up

You eat breakfast

You get ready

You go out

You go through the motions

You do your assignments

You finish them

You go home

You eat

You wash up

You go to sleep



It’s a holiday

I wake up late

I freshen up

I eat breakfast

I go out

I hang out with friends

I watch a movie

I go back home

I surf the net

I’m tired

I wash up

I go to bed

I’m dreading tomorrow

I go to sleep



You wake up earlier than you want

You still get late despite that

You get shouted at

You go through the motions of the day

You feel bad

But you get through the day

You go home exhausted

You’re not looking forward to tomorrow


Skip to Saturday

It’s been a long week but I finally get a break

I’m staying home because I’m tired

I get to play video games all day

I’m going to order nothing but junk food

And I’m going to enjoy myself and blow some steam



You get a call

You’ve find out there’s extra work to be done

You try to negotiate

You can do it tomorrow

But they don’t listen

You need to do it today

You’re free time is taken away from you


The week starts over

What will happen today?

Will I be able to do as I please?

Or will the choice be taken away from you?

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