Back and forth

Back and forth my mind goes

Like the tides

To the highs and the lows

Taking me for a ride

It’s a cycle


I get a job to do

Should be easy as 123

Out of nowhere 4 shows up, then 5, then 6

Back and forth I go

For 123456

Now there’s a 7

It’s a cycle


I drink coffee to stay awake

I can’t sleep well at night

I drink more coffee to stay awake

Back and forth I go

I need coffee to stay awake and I need sleep to keep going

Feeling sleepy, need more coffee

It’s a cycle


I meet people

They move away

I meet new people

I move away

Back and forth It goes

A series of meetings and separations

Will this person actually stay with me? Probably not

It’s a cycle


Life is a series of back and forth

Life is a cycle

With things repeating

The details are different

But the big picture is the same

Will tomorrow be different?

Or will I keep going back and forth?

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