I hold out hope

The world is set to a slow burn

We divide ourselves on our opinions

The strong make decisions for us

Things happen that is out of our control

And they affect us, one way or the other


Still I hold out hope


For a brighter future, a better tomorrow

This has all happened before

Tragedy, destruction, decimation

And then we gather the pieces and rebuild

We do our best to make something better

And try our best to make it last


It happened before and it is happening again


We’re at a point where things are bad

Just like we were before

We’re hurting each left and right

Just like we did before

We’re creating more problems than we can fix

Just like we did before


But still, I hold out hope


I believe we can and will get ourselves out of this

And lift each other out from this desolate pit we dug


Maybe I’m just fooling myself

Maybe I’m delusional

Still I hold out hope


Tomorrow is a mystery and no one knows what will happen

And that is why I hold out hope

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