Persuasive (an ABCD poem)

Are you persuasive?

Being persuasive is a good skill to have

Countless arguments can be won with this skill

Demons can be persuaded to leave

Exes will leave you alone

Foreign leaders can be won over

Games can be won

However, is persuasion a fix all?

I don’t think so

Just think about it

Kings have used persuasion to kill subordinates

Lots of shady businesses use it for profit

Manipulators use it constantly

No one can say for sure when persuasion is good or bad

Only a case by case study can help

Persuasion can make things good and bad

Question is what counts as persuasion and when to use it

Reasoning can be a form of persuasion

Socialising can be a form of persuasion

Understand that persuasion itself isn’t bad

Vicious intent behind persuasion is

We have the power to be good or bad by being persuasive

X represents the limitless power behind persuasion

You need to remember what persuasion can do

Zap away the argument that nothing happens, because it does

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