Something to do

Once I was busy, tired and anxious

With all the tasks that were given to me

No free time, no relaxing, always working

Now I lose sleep, waste time and am depressed

As I struggle to find something to do


I search the never ending forests

Shaking the trees for fruit

Most times my shaking is for nothing

Other times I may find a fruit

Only to realise there is nothing inside


Sometimes a monkey will see my labours

And take pity on my plight

They come down fruit in hand

Then they become mischievous asking for payment

Something in return for the lovely sweet fruit


I show them my wares, the things I have to trade

They say it’s not enough and take the fruit away


I envy my friends and family, busy as can be

And here I am stuck, searching, hoping, praying

For something to do

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