Things I wish existed: Instant calm down button

Have you ever found yourself in a difficult situation and started panicking and acting weird, only to make things worse? Or has it ever happened that you got into an argument and said and did things that you regret later?

We’ve all been in situations which we don’t want to be in and immediately start panicking. Sometimes it may be good because you start thinking faster and might end up solving the situation quickly. However most of the time, you end up making things worse for yourself; that’s happened to me a lot.

That’s why I wish there was an instant calm down button. If we got too agitated we could press the button and calm down instantly; then we could think more clearly and deal with the situation better.

It’s pretty easy to imagine situations where it could be useful. Here are a few hypothetical situations where I would use it:

  1. I’m working in the office when I suddenly get called in to the boss’s office. I go in and they immediately start shouting at me because of something or the other. Normally I’d panic and make a fool of myself, without thinking of the situation or problem clearly, but with an instant calm down button I’d press it, keep a level head and try to solve the situation better.
  2. I’m walking down the road and accidentally bump into someone. I try to apologise but instead they immediately start shouting at me, calling me a blind idiot. Then I start shouting back and everything gets out of hand. But if I had the button, I’d just press it and try to get them to listen to my apology. If they still shout then I’d probably just ignore the angry stranger and be on my merry way.
  3. You start fighting with your partner or family member over something. Things will sometimes get heated to the point where it’s not even about the thing you got angry over in the first place. Press the button and then you can try to solve the problem rather than fight over something stupid.

The only thing which might be dangerous about it, is that you might get too dependent on it and if you lose the button then everything goes into chaos mode for you! Or maybe you’d get addicted to it somehow. There would have to be some kind of fail-safe for that.

But still, I would really love to have something like that in my life, maybe. What about you?

Well that’s it for this post, I hope you liked it and I hope you have a good day ahead.

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