Can people change?

In at least one point in our lives we’ve met someone who has been a real jerk. They bully us, undermine us, take from us, and basically make our lives just that much less enjoyable whenever they are there.

Of course there are also a lot of good people around us who like to hang out, help out and make our life more enjoyable whenever they are around.

You also hear about how some people change as time passes. Like how that one good guy is now a selfish prick or how that bully is now a counsellor for school students.

But can people really change? Do they actually grow into a new character? Or is it more like their basic character is the same and they just know how to fake it? Or do they just build on what is already there?

Well for me the answer is yes, to all of the above.

I’ve met many people who were a particular type of person when I was young but completely changed as they grew older. People who hid their true nature through a constructed persona which they hid behind and people who just added on to what was already there. I’ve also met people who haven’t changed at all. They were a particular type of person and they remained that kind of person no matter how much time passed.

So why do people change?

It can be for a number of different reasons, like:

External factors

Something has happened in their life that has made them change or forced them to change as a person. Some external factors include changing your job, moving to a new place, falling in love, breaking up, losing someone, garnering success, failing miserably or anything else along these lines.

Internal Factors

Sometimes you change from the inside out. As time passes you start to see things differently, question what you know, and even if nothing has changed on the outside you start to think differently and change on the inside. This can be good or bad, it depends. Hopefully they turn out to be good for you.


As our bodies change so too does our mind and thus so do we (sometimes anyway, there’s always that one person who is a kid even when they’re 30). Physiological changes almost always changes who we are and how we behave. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you try talking to your parents and asking them about your grandparents? I can almost guarantee they will tell you how different they were back then.


Sometimes our entire psychology will change for some reason. Whether it’s because of how we react to external factors or because of something that happens to use internally, or for some other reason, we change into almost a completely different person. You could consider this to be part of the internal factors point but I felt like I should include this.

Anyway, the point is that people can change, but sometimes they don’t; its different for everyone. People say change is inevitable, but they also say that the more things change the more they stay the same. I guess you should just remember that life is more complicated than we can imagine and sometimes we can’t explain everything that happens around us. So just go on with your life and try to do the best you can with what life throws at you.

That’s it for this post, I hope you liked it and I hope you have a good day ahead.

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