In My Grasp

My dreams are in my grasp

And yet they are like an egg

So easily can they escape me

So easily can they break

Never to be seen again


I can accomplish anything

If I am given the chance

The potential for so much

Can be taken away

In an instant


Just one more wall to climb

Just one more bridge to cross

Just one more puzzle to solve

Just one more step to take

It’s in my grasp


But the wall might fall

But the bridge might collapse

But the puzzle may be broken

But the step may be taken from under me

So easily can it be taken away


Having it in my grasp

It is the best feeling in the world

It is the worst feeling in the world

It is there, I can see it

But it can be gone at any time


It is in my grasp

But my thoughts are filled with fear

Of how easily it can be taken away

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