Are people of this generation less or more sensitive than the previous one?

We’ve been hearing a lot of things about the current generation. Calling them snowflakes because they think they’re special and unique, calling them lazy, calling them anti-social for not getting off their phones, and of course, how sensitive they are compared to the previous generation.
So my question is this, are people of this generation really more sensitive than the last one?

Well for me the answer is yes, but not for the reason you are thinking. As we insult the people of the younger generation, we seem to forget that this is a trend which has been going on for centuries, maybe even millennia. Every generation thinks they are either the best or a few generations before them were.

My grandfather complains about how close everyone was compared to today and how simple things were. My father complains about how complicated a smart phone can be. People are constantly talking about the greats (past tense) and how there will never be anyone like them. Baby boomers would complain about the hippies with their weird clothes and ideals. Parents keep talking about how easy their kids have it and how hard it was when they were young. My generation keeps complaining about the hipsters and the music they listen to (we’ve basically become our parents but we refuse to admit it). One generation is always yapping about how the other can’t take a joke or how what used to be funny isn’t anymore, some for good reason, others not so much.

Even my generation likes to talk about how we had the better toys, the better games, the better hangouts the better everything. But we all know that now is much better than before, and while there are some things which we miss, a lot of it is nostalgia, it isn’t always better and it isn’t always worse.
So, is the new generation more sensitive than the last? Like I said, yes. But so were we, and so were our parents and so were our grandparents. Change is inevitable, so let’s just adapt, find some common ground and get on with our lives.

I hope you liked this post and I hope you have a nice day ahead.

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