A normal conversation with nothing but questions

Have you ever decided to make an attempt at something? But were not sure whether you could pull through or not?

Have you ever put down a challenge for yourself? Something that isn’t necessary and that no one really cares about, but you do it anyway? How did it work out for you? Did you succeed? Did you fail? How long did you go at it until you reached the end? How long did you go at it until you gave up?

Was it an enjoyable experience overall? Or was it something you wished you never did?

Did you gain something from it?

Was it worth it?

Did you go at it alone? Or did you team up? If you teamed up, what was it like? Did you enjoy working with them? Or did you wish you had never met them? Did you make new friends? Or did you make unfortunate enemies? Was everyone happy at the end? How did it all go?

If you went at it alone, what was it like? Was it enjoyable? Was it stressful? Did you feel overworked? Did you lose sleep over the work you needed to do? Did you regret going solo? Would you have done it differently if you could? How did it all go? Were you happy or were you sad? Did you wish it could have gone on for longer? Or were you relieved that it was finally over?

Did you celebrate the end? Did you celebrate at all? Was it a big bash? Or was it a small deal with a treat?

Would you ever consider doing something like that again? Or was it a one and done deal?

What did you think of this post? Was I annoying? On a scale of one to ten, how annoying did you find me? Not at all?  Not too bad? Fairly annoying? Absolutely unbearable?

Would you consider reading something like this again?

If you liked it, would you let me know?

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