As big as in your head

Has it ever happened to you before

That someone or something was

Bigger to you than it was to me

So big it warped reality


Is it an object like a prize?

Is it someone you idolize?

Is it a place like a park or farm?

Is it someone who did you harm?


Do you think of them as they go to bed?

How big are they in your head?


Are they just as big in reality

As your mind makes them out to be


Are they as sweet, as kind, as funny, as clean?

Are they as scary, as angry, as hurtful, as mean?

If you were to ask someone else their view

Would they put them on the same pedestal as you?


You see them as huge, that much is true

On that I will not argue with you

However let me ask you this question instead

Are they as big in real life as they are in your head?

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