When something big comes to an end

When something big does finally end

What then do you do my friend?


Do you wallow in self-pity so pure

Do you find yourself asking for more?


Do you feel relief that it has stopped

Do you jump, do you skip, do you hop?


Do you ponder on the time you spent?

Do you wonder where it all went?


Was it a waste, was it all futile

Or was it all worthwhile?


Do wish it had finished sooner

Do you wish it had gone on longer?


Do you reminisce on what has come and gone?

Or can you not wait to move on?


Was it sudden? Did it blindside you?

Or did you plan it through and through?


Will you look back at the happy memories?

Or will you try to forget it like a calamity?


Or will the entire thing be bitter sweet

Like when you walk beside a river and get sand on your feet?


What is it you do my friend

When something big comes to an end?


I look back at it with sorrow and joy

For when it started, I was but a boy


As time went on, I faced much gloom

Little did I know that within it was a boon


Great bonds were made during this time

Which will always stay in my heart and mind


I have my fair share of sadness and regrets

But I also am glad to have met


The people that I met during this event

Even the bad ones, yes you heard correct


Because even though my experience with them was poor

They taught me who and what to look out for


So even though there was reason to frown

I choose to accept both the ups and the downs


And that is what I choose to do

When something big has seen its way through


And now, I must ask once more

What I have already asked before


What is it you do my friend

When something big comes to an end?

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