Everyday life

I grow tired of everyday life, monotonous and repeating

The headache of waking up early and the going through the motions that is morning

Getting ready, moving around and going to work again, come back home, go to sleep get ready for work again

How I grow tired of everyday life. My only lifeline is my dreams.

Dreams of travelling to far off lands, dreams of exploring the universe, dreams of being the hero of my own story, doing impossible things and somehow pulling through

Those dreams I would dream as a child, still follow me as an adult

They said that such things would end when I grow up, that I would be too busy being an adult

They lied

Things have changed in adulthood

But those dreams of doing strange, impossible things remain with me

The enemies of man, the cruel, the selfish, the unjust

They raise their lofty towers, with the broken bodies of the innocent

Those who opposed them now ridiculed for their attempts

A reminder to all those who think of rebellion

Let them strengthen their defences, let them line their pockets

Let them build their siege weapons, sharpen their blades and hone their edges

They will be no match for my will, they will be no match for my might

Soon the darkness will end and the new dawn will begin, and I will be there, heralding the sunlight

These are the things I dream about, these are my lifeline against the strong current of monotony

Do you find this to be strange, perhaps even abnormal?

Well then, let me ask you, what do you do against the monotony?

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