What would we be like if we never suffered?

Life is filled with suffering, that’s just a fact of life. Almost everyone has faced suffering in one form or another, whether it was not getting what we want, being teased in school, getting fired from a job, being sick or even taking a bullet.

We can all agree that everyone has faced and/or will face suffering in their lives. Now here’s something to think about: what if we never suffered at all? We lived in a perfect society, healthcare is perfect, there are no wars and the worst thing that could happen to someone would be dying of old age. What would we be like then?

Here’s the thing, I know that not suffering sounds perfect, but I predict that there will be a number of other problems (yes, problems), that come up because of it. This is why:

  1. Suffering creates empathy

When you suffer, that experience gets ingrained in you and becomes a part of your memories. So, when someone else suffers in a similar way, you know what they are feeling. That means you have an idea of how to comfort them or what to do to make them feel better or help them get through it. We all suffer, we know how we each feel, we all band together, become stronger and get out of it.

  1. It builds character/ can make us stronger

When we suffer from an experience, it changes us, for better or worse. It becomes for the better when we learn from our suffering or get through it somehow. Because then our base threshold rises and we can endure more, endure better and know what to look out for.

Before we move forward, I must point out that everyone’s situation/suffering is different and everyone deals with it differently. Sometimes we do get out of it bruised, battered but stronger and sometimes we don’t. There are a lot of factors contributing to it. This blog post is concentrating more on the positive side, but we must acknowledge the negative too. If you are suffering in any way, I dearly hope you can see yourself through it.

Now let’s talk about what would happen if there was no suffering.

  1. Everyone would be entitled jerks

If there is no suffering that means that, everyone always gets what they want, which means no one has to worry about losing anything, ever. That being the case I predicted pretty much everyone would be entitled jerks. Everyone would always expect to get their way and would get pissed off when they didn’t, which means they would probably take it out on everyone around them.

  1. Everyone would be passive aggressive

The other thing that I picture would happen is that everyone would be passive aggressive. Remember this is a world without suffering, which means no open fights. And since people won’t fight openly, they most likely will be passive aggressive towards each other when they are annoyed. Now I don’t know about you but I hate dealing with these types of people. They make it so obvious that they are pissed about something, but they absolutely refuse to address it, even if you try. Can you imagine having to deal with them all the time? It would be a nightmare and personally, would make my blood pressure shoot through the roof.

With that we are nearing the end of this post. Now, I’m not saying that everyone needs to suffer needlessly, nor do I want anyone to suffer if it can be helped. All I can say is that without suffering things would be very different, and not necessarily in a good way. Also, sometimes you need to take the bitter, in order to appreciate the sweet.

I hope you liked this post, and I hope you have a nice day ahead.

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