Cloudy Skies

Cloudy skies
Reflecting my state of mind
Unclear, unsure, foggy
A slow trudge as I try to make sense of my thoughts
A slow trudge as I try to get through the day
A slow trudge as I try to make out what others say
But behind it all, thoughts as far reaching as the sky

Cloudy skies
Reflecting my future
Unclear, unsure, foggy
With no clear view of what’s ahead
With no clear way to know
Whether things will work out or go south
Hiding what will happen, turning it into what might happen
But behind it all, a mystery I look forward to

Cloudy skies
Reflecting the day
Grey and bleak
Tired people, tired animals, tired lives
Looking up and waiting for the rain to fall
Some ready with umbrellas, others worried they’ll get wet
But still going about their day, hoping for a better tomorrow

Cloudy skies
Hiding the sunlight
The rays of hope that shine our way
At least I know they’re there
Even if I can’t see them

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