Things that get me stressed out: Running out of ideas

This is appropriate, especially since I have been facing this problem recently, not just for this blog but in my job as well. You see, my work involves creating digital content for the company that work for, which means coming up with new ideas almost constantly, something that I have been struggling with especially lately.

I like to think of myself as fairly creative, but at the end of the day I’m still human and so after constantly churning out content, my reservoir starts to run dry and I start to run out of ideas. Now ideally when this happens you just take a bit of time off, let those creative juices re-supply and then they flow all by themselves. Unfortunately, life doesn’t let you do that too often, after all I have responsibilities to fulfil and people counting on me to get the job done, not just for the company but for colleagues as well.

It puts me in a bind though. After all, if I force myself I can’t come up with very good ideas and the overall quality of my work will go down too. That’s not fair for anyone, after all I want to give out the best I possibly can, not something mediocre just so that I can meet a quota and fill in a blank space.

So what does one do to get more ideas when they are all out? Well the answer is simple enough, look around for inspiration. Now what kind of inspiration I start to look at depends on what I am writing for. If it’s for my job, I am limited to looking at certain types of news and more business like stuff because that’s the type of content I need to make. On the other hand, if it’s for the blog then I’m much more free and I look at things like cartoons, youtube, various articles, games, poetry, television, toys even; because well this blog is all about stress and what can help with it and for me this is the kind of stuff that helps with stress.

So when I dive into the inspiration pool I usually get at least one good idea, which puts my anxiety back at bay for at least a while; but sometimes I dive in and come up with nothing. When that happens the only thing I can do is to leave it alone for while (usually a day) and then re-visit it later. When that does happen though I always feel terrible because I feel like I failed when I could’ve easily passed.

Well this was blog post turned out to be more of a ramble than anything else. Did you enjoy it? If you did that’s great, if you didn’t I’m sorry, I’ll try to do better next time. I hope you have a good day ahead, bye for now.

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