Looking at the whole

Too often we focus on the parts

I am short

You are tall

He wears glasses

She has a mole

They are a nerd

They are a geek


But there is so much more to it than that

I am short, I like jazz, I can’t dance, I like to sing

You are tall, you like horror, you can write, you have dreams

He wears glasses, he likes to eat out, he enjoys walking, he has hopes

She has a mole, she likes to make dresses, she scares easily, she has wishes

They are a nerd, they know their wines, they like to laugh, they are looking for someone

They are a geek, they make great stories, they help people, they like to swim


Too often we focus on the parts

We forget to look at the whole

We are more than the sum of our parts

Why not try to get to know me better?

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