The positive side of Sin: Gluttony

Gluttony, now that is a sin I’m all too familiar with. Why? Because I love my food and because of that, if I’m not careful, I’ll just keep eating without a care in the world.

The Meriam-Webster online dictionary describes it as:

1: excess in eating or drinking

2: greedy or excessive indulgence

In other words, it means eating much more than you actually need to. Back in ye olden times, something like that wasn’t very common since it was only the rich who could even afford to have that much food. Nowadays however, gluttony seems to be much more common, especially in developed countries.

Of course gluttony doesn’t have to be limited to just food. It can also be the indulgence of anything like riches, clothes, shoes, electronics or anything else like that.

In it’s own way, I suppose you could look at it as a good thing. The fact that so many people can eat and get things in excess is a sign of plentyfulness. However, all that food and drink leads to obesity and a mass of other health problems.

Not to mention the fact that when one group of people is eating in excess, it probably means that another group is having their food taken away from them or that they don’t have the means to get that food at all.

So, by committing gluttony you’re not just giving yourself obesity and health problems, your taking away from others when they probably need it more. Talk about a dick move.

So what’s the positive side to Gluttony? Well you could look at it as the ability to enjoy life. After all, sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment because you don’t know what’s going to happen later or if you’ll even be able to enjoy it later.

You could also maybe look at it as saving up for a rainy day. Maybe you can use all of that stuff later if things go wrong. That is how people in the past survived, feasting in the days of plenty so that they could get through the famines.

If you ask me, if you do it right, gluttony isn’t all bad, it’s only when you go over the top by abusing the luxuries that you have, that things will start to go wrong. It can affect you physically with health problems, it can even affect you mentally because gluttony can also be seen as a form of addiction. And, there are enough people, articles and T.V shows out there that talk all about addiction and what it does to you and those around you.

So I say enjoy your life and indulge yourself every now and then, just don’t let it turn into something ugly that you might regret later.


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