The positive side of sin: Wrath

Wrath aka extreme anger, the feeling of being so mad at someone or something, you can forget about reality, responsibilities, and everything else, and just explode.

It’s the source of a lot of pain, the main cause of fights, strife and even wars.

If you’re a very angry person, you probably tend to shout at other people and get into a lot of fights. You push people away with your anger, to the point that nobody wants to be with you; in the end you come out alone and friendless.

Sometimes you can do things in anger that you regret immediately afterwards, like striking at someone you love.

It’s not good for your health either. Too much anger can lead to high blood pressure, and a complete mess of other health problems, not to mention possible injuries if you’re the type who gets into fights. Then you need to start buying medicines to help you, which eats away at your wallet, which makes you even angrier, it turns into a vicious cycle of misery.

Being angry all the time is not exactly a personality trait you want to brag about (even the hulk doesn’t like being angry all the time).

But still, can we just dismiss anger as a bad thing? The world isn’t black and white, you can’t just say “being angry is wrong” and go about your merry way. There are times when anger is justified. You were lied to by someone you trust, you were cheated on, someone you thought was a friend stabbed you in the back (metaphorically), being treated unfairly by someone so that they may meet their own ends. At times like these anger may become a source of strength and give you the courage you need to teach these people a lesson, stand up to them or perhaps even walk away from them.

Anger can also be THE source of strength to start a movement; anger is what fueled freedom fighters of the past to fight for their rights. Anger was what makes people stand up for the rights of animals who are treated cruelly. In some ways you could say anger is what made some people find a cure to disease, because they were fed up with losing those they cared for from it.

So what can we say about anger? Well unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer. In the end wrath aka anger is an emotion, and every emotion can give us strength.

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