Oh well!

I waited for you at our usual spot

But you were busy with something else

I waited for you for quite some time

Wondering what to do with myself

You said you could not join me

You would be very busy today

I said it was fine, we’d meet another time

And went on my merry way

I decided to do what we were planning to do together

All by my own, by my lonesome

I set out to the first stop on our list

And tried not to feel too glum

I headed to the amusement park

And felt the wind in my hair

As I rode on the roller coaster

I was sailing in the air

I played one of those ring toss games

I was aiming for the best one

I didn’t win any prizes

But I admit I did have fun

I went to play the dodge ‘em cars

I was badly tossed around

By eight and nine and ten year olds

So dizzy I may fall to the ground

Now hungry, I went to eat and drink

I ordered spaghetti Bolognaise

White noodles topped with red sauce

My mouth drooling in a hunger craze

I devoured the meal in minutes

It was really very delicious

I gave my compliments to the cook

And walked out with a new purpose

By now it was late in the evening

The sun was beginning to set

I decided to watch it from up high

It would be beautiful, I bet

I climbed up the hill nearby

Until I reached the top

It was a rather long climb

I was just about ready to flop

The sun had reached the horizon

Shimmering and shifting in the fumes

It looked like an apple floating in the water

Or a cherry you’d scoop with a dessert spoon

I sat on the grass watching the beautiful sight

Like any romantic should

Seeing that sunset give way to moon rise

And I thought this day was good


If you were there by my side

I would talk, see and feel

So much more than I did

The world would seem more real

I would notice the way the tracks turn

On the roller coaster ride

The way my vision moved with the wind

How it brought tears to my eyes

How if I had won the prize at the ring toss

We would play with it together

Make up a story about its life

Like we were both movie directors

How in dodge ’em we’d join forces

And still get tossed around

But we’d laugh our heads off the entire time

And hold on to each other as the world spun round

Then hungrily we’d hobble to the food stores

And order a feast galore

We’d eat until we felt we’d burst

And still be hungry for more

I would notice the saltiness of the chips

The creaminess of the sauce

The way the sweet drink went down my throat

As it went through the straws

After that heartwarming meal

We’d notice the cherry red sun

And we’d decide to watch it as it set

It would be romantic and fun

We would look around for a good place to go

We’d each have our own ideas

We’d argue over which place was best

Like two stubborn divas

Finally we would notice the sun

And how low it had already set

We would run up the nearest hill

Not caring who won the argument

Panting like we had climbed a mountain

We would finally reach the top

And be just in time to see the sunset

Which we would deserve after running non-stop

The sun would set behind the city

Shimmering in the fumes

Bathing us in a deep red light

Like an ethereal rose in full bloom

And while we look at the setting sun

Now and then I would sneak

A peek at your bright red face

And the red sheen on your cheek

I’d smile at this small secret pleasure

And be overall so glad

That you were there by my side

The day would not be better if it were planned

And then I would take you by surprise

And give you a quick kiss

You would be startled and then you’d smile

And for me that would be such bliss

We would walk back to the bottom of the hill

And then suddenly for no reason

You would kiss me on the cheek as well

And you would say “Now we’re even”

We would walk a while and then part ways

Each of us going back home

And I’d remember the rush from your lips

Like my vision going to color from monochrome

But these things did not happen

You were busy with something else

I went around and spent the day

All by my lonesome by myself

And while this time I did have fun

And all in all it was a good day

If you had been by my side

This good day would have been a great day

Oh well….

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