A surprise at work, oh, also I’m back.

Hello everyone. As you can tell I’m back from my break, did you miss me? Yes? No?

Well whatever your answer I’m here again and I’m going to write my blog post like usual.

This time I’m going to talk about something that happened at my work place recently. I don’t like talking about myself too much so without giving too many details, I’m a writer at my workplace and I was asked to help in writing a video script for our video advertising team. This was VERY different from what I am usually asked to do. Now I know how to write a script, I learnt that in college, but it has been a long time since I last did something like that and so I was very nervous, and as you might imagine my anxiety went into overdrive.

Can I do this? What if I get it wrong? What if they don’t like it? These questions and more kept spinning around in my head over and over, like scavengers over a corpse.

Still, I had to do it; after all this is my job and I can’t refuse my boss and colleagues without a good reason, so I got started.

The first thing I did was meet up with the video team and another colleague (who is also a writer) so that we could discuss the video, what were they going to do, the story, etc.

They told me what the bosses were expecting; they gave me the rough layout of what the video was supposed to be like and the general storyline. With all that in hand, I got to work.

I have to say, I was very surprised with how happy and excited I felt while I was writing it. As I wrote the script, I kept putting things which I thought would be awesome and would go well with the story. I was given a path to follow but I still felt like I had creative freedom, it was great.

After the script was done, I gave it to my colleague and the video team. They made some changes to it, taking out some stuff, rewriting some things, which I expected; after all when I was writing it I was just putting in what I like, but it’s only the first draft, it needs to  be polished, otherwise it won’t shine.

But what made me really happy is that for the most part, they still kept it how it was. They didn’t just keep beating down on it and changing it until it was something else altogether. They just used what I gave them and improved it. To me that meant that my script was actually good, that they had liked it and that they had accepted it.

So, after it was all over, it got me thinking. This was nice, I was happy while I was writing a script, I should do it again. Then I thought, let me tell other people to try this, if I feel nice writing a script maybe other people will too, who knows. And here I am now, doing just that.

Now I don’t want to force this on you, maybe you don’t want to relieve your stress through scriptwriting, maybe you’d rather listen to music or go for a walk or play a computer game or cook, and that’s fine. I’m just giving this as an option, you can just try it out and see if you like it or not. You don’t have to write a script for a blockbuster film, just write for the heck of it and get those creative juices flowing.

Now, if you are interested in writing a script and you don’t know how to start, I can give you a few basic tips. First off, you can use any word processing software to write a script, you can even go old school and use a typewriter or even just write it down by hand. Or, you can use a screen writing software like celtx, writer duet or trelby. It’s entirely up to you.

As for the scriptwriting process, you can easily find good and free tutorials online if you search for them. Here’s a video talks about some of the basic elements of scriptwriting.+


So go ahead and try your hand at scriptwriting if you are so inclined. Maybe it’ll help you with dealing with stress, maybe you’ll find out you are really good at it, who knows. In any case, there’s no harm in trying.

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