The positive side of sin: Lust

In my last post I brought up the idea of the positive side of sin and that although sin is said to be inherently bad, there actually may be a positive side to it if you try to look at it form another point of view.

To further illustrate my point I talked about greed and what I thought were its positives. In this post, I’m going to talk about the positive side of man’s baser desire, lust.

So what is lust? Google’s online dictionary describes lust as a strong sexual desire or having a strong sexual desire for someone. In other words, you feel like having sex with that person so badly, you don’t even think of anything else (more or less).

So what is the positive to lust? Well let’s look at it from a scientific (?) perspective. The whole point of having sex is to pass on our genes to another generation. The children conceived through sex take certain traits from the parents and they then later carry it on to the next generation, and those children carry it on to the next and the next and the next and it goes on.  It’s how we go on surviving as a species.

If we didn’t have lust, we wouldn’t find each other attractive, our need to procreate wouldn’t exist, heck a lot of us might not even have sex at all. When you think of it like that, lust is the driving force behind the survival of the human race. You could even argue the fact that lust is an integral part of love, after all many people start out being physically attracted to someone and then slowly it changes to something deeper. From a certain point of view, you could say that lust and love go hand in hand.

Of course, it isn’t all good though, after all lust wouldn’t be classified as a sin if it was sunshine and rainbows all the way.

Lust can get in the way of a lot of things. It could stop you from having a proper and meaningful relationship; after all lust is basically physical attraction, so all you care about is how the person looks, not about who they are and how they feel. Lust could completely ruin a relationship; if all you think about is having sex with your partner and nothing else, your partner might resent you for it, it could even lead you to cheating on your partner with someone else you find attractive, which isn’t good. Lust may lead to sex addiction, which can basically ruin your life. It could also lead to you contracting several STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) if you’re not careful.

So what is the conclusion to all this? Well for me, just like said in the last post, it’s all about moderation. Take and use lust in moderation, after all it is something we all have and that we all have to face regularly, and depending on how you see it, it isn’t all bad, it could be enjoyable too, but too much is most definitely bad. Don’t treat lust likes its undesirable but don’t let lust take over you either.

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