It’s not what you think/Outside the box: An insect in the room (my attempt at a funny poem)

It always happens suddenly

A danger that always looms

You see a black spot, you hear a buzzing

There is an insect in the room


You try to ignore it

Hoping it will go away

You might even open a window

Hoping it finds somewhere else to stay


But for some unknown reason

That you simply cannot explain

It stays there in the room with you

Slowly driving you insane


It chips at your patience

The annoyance grows

You grind your teeth

And curl your toes


Until you’ve had enough

You finally lose it

And you grab what you can

To crush that pest to bits


You look around, your senses focused

Ready to smack the winged foe

Till you see it, you hear, you zero in

And let loose like an arrow from a bow


You swing, hoping to hit

But it dodges deftly

You end up breaking your lamp

But you’re too pissed to aim carefully


You rise and repeat your action

Hoping one strike will connect

But your enemy keeps moving away

Knowing one hit will mean its death


You’re so focused on killing the menace

That it does not hit you

That every hit that misses

Hits something that belongs to you


You follow your enemy around

Hitting and missing at every turn

You grow angrier with every swing

And feel your muscles burn


Eventually you tire

Your arms hanging like dead weights

And you finally look around

At the destruction in your wake


Everything that was yours

Has been smashed to pieces

There is no fixing what you’ve done

Despite your deepest wishes


You reach this realisation

And defeat fills the air

You’ve destroyed half your house

And the insect is still there


And that’s the end of this poem. Now, I realise this poem isn’t really good and probably isn’t even that funny (even thought that was what I was trying to go for). But I still had fun writing this poem and I hope you, the reader, were able to at least get a chuckle from this.

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