It’s not what you think/Outside the box: A Dream I Had (A very stupid poem)

Let me tell you about a dream I had

One which started with me feeling glad

Changing its tone as it drove around the bend

And turned into a nightmare towards the end


It started with me regressing to youth

And getting a call from a telephone booth

And a teacher on the other side yelled

“Attention students, school’s cancelled”


I jumped with joy when I heard this

My heart bursting with gleeful bliss

I marvelled at the freedom this granted

Because I could do whatever I wanted


I immediately called up my friends

And made plans I could barely comprehend

Now when I think of it when I’m awake

My mind was really in a weird state


One of them wanted to watch movies all day

One wanted to go outside and play

I wanted to play video games

I was vetoed, the others said it was lame


Once we had made our plans

We set off for adventures grand

We could explore, play, go to the local swimming pool

The possibilities were endless with no school


We met up at a nearby park

Next to the slide with the head of shark

There, one more time we went over the plans

And so, a fun filled day began


We played outdoors, climbed up trees

Pretended we were police and thieves

We rolled down the hills till we were sick

And finally had a small picnic


We were ready to go elsewhere

Our minds completely without a care

But when we stepped onto the road

We found ourselves facing a goat


It stared at us with rectangular eyes

And let out shrill bleating cries

It moved its head this way and that

Dragging its hoof as if ready to attack


One of my friends decided

That he would not be intimidated

He sauntered toward it stature firm

Ready to make the goat squirm


The rest of us stood where we were

Unable to move in fear

We looked on at our friend with bated breath

Waiting to see what would happen next


Suddenly the goat jumped high

And charged my friend aiming for his thigh

My friend was shocked but to the left skipped

Dodging the animal, causing it to trip


Suddenly the animal began to scream

A noise so fierce it nearly woke me from my dream

The scream somehow doubled our fears

All we could do was cover our ears


And hope that the goat would stop

Before our tiny heads popped

I felt a tug and a sound

It was my friend telling me to look around


More goats had appeared  out of nowhere

All looking at us with that rectangle stare

I thought to myself they want our end

They want to hurt us and avenge their friend


They charged us but we were not ready

I tried to run but my feet were unsteady

I tripped and fell to the ground

My friends were panicking, running around


I remember thinking this is it

Were dead, we’re done, there’s no escaping this

And as I readied myself for a hoof to the head

I woke up in a panic in my bed


Relief flooded as it became clear

That I was in bed and not in danger

But relief slowly turned to irk

School was tomorrow and I had to submit homework

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