Jobs I wish existed: Helpful hint service

Have you ever been in a bad situation with a colleague, boss or someone you like where you want to say something but you’re not sure how to say it without making things worse? Or whether you should say it at all?

That happens to me a lot, and at times like that I wish there was a helpful hint service like a fairy who would tell me what I should do (like Navi from Legend of Zelda but less annoying) or a mobile messaging service which sent messages on what to do next (maybe you could wear an ear piece and it sent an audio message, so you don’t look like a jerk who keeps checking his phone during important conversations).

To give you a better idea let me set the situation, say you’re at a meeting and suddenly your boss asks you something that catches you off guard like “You’re production level has gone down this week,”  what can you say to defend yourself that doesn’t sound whiny or like you’re making excuses?

Here’s another scenario, you’ve met someone you really like and you ask them out on a date. You’re on the date when you realise, you have no idea what to say. So what can you ask which isn’t completely clichéd (like nice weather we’re having) but can still make for interesting conversation?

Okay last scenario, you’ve got this bully (either in the office or school) you’ve talked to the authorities but they’re not doing anything. What can you say or do to help yourself?

Now to be fair, I’m not asking for advice which will make sure I’ll always come out on top (although that would be nice), I’m asking for advice that will help me avoid the most damage collaterally and to myself. I can’t always come out on top I know that, but I’d like to come out okay.

I know it isn’t possible obviously, but hey that’s why I wish it was an app that existed.

What about you? Do you have any ideas for jobs you wish existed?

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