It’s not what you think/Outside the box: Of an adventure

Tired of life, tired of how things are

Staring at others showing happiness from afar

Looking at their memories your own face forlorn

Do you find yourself asking, when is it my turn?


Do you often plan for something grand?

Where you travel to distant lands

Meet new people see new faces

Stare in wonder at awe striking places


Do you dream of swimming the distant seas?

Climbing up high and feeling the breeze

Do you strive to get away from the strife?

Maybe even find the love of your life?


When it comes to me, the honest truth is

I do not have such lofty wishes

I find contentment sitting at home

Sitting safely in the known


My friends find me strange for not going anywhere

And I find them strange, willing to go here and there

I have travelled before, and yes it was fun

But for the time being, I don’t want to go, I’m done


So for those who wish for adventure and for something new

My dearest travel lovers, I dedicate this to you.


I was inspired to write this poem after a conversation I had with some of my work friends.  They were planning on going travelling somewhere and asked me if I wanted to join and I said no it’s okay. They asked me why I keep refusing to go travelling since I have refused before and I told them it’s because I REALLY don’t like travelling. It stresses me out to a very bad extent and ruins the entire thing for me. I have travelled before (like I mentioned in the poem) and I did have fun, but even then I did get stressed out. I only found it fun in retrospect, which isn’t enough reason for me to go travelling every time I get the chance.

Eventually they accepted but they still find me weird because of it. And so I wrote this poem, call it a compulsion.

Hope you like it.

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