It’s not what you think/Outside the box: Making up dumb jokes

Humour is a funny thing. Different people use it for different things; for some it’s a way to lighten the mood, for others it’s a way to handle a situation which would otherwise be awkward or maybe even sad, and some others use it as a way to make a living.

Whatever you use it for, people like humour and jokes, and people love to laugh.

Now, I already wrote a post about how laughter can calm you down, so this time let’s go in a different direction. I’m going to try to make up my own jokes. They’re probably going to be terrible, but let’s have a go at it.

Joke 1

There was once a soldier in the Indian army. He was a very good soldier but didn’t know any English. One day an English inspector came and started asking each soldier some questions, one at a time.

Our soldier panicked wondering what he should do.

He went to a friend who had just  finished talking to the inspector and asked for his help.

(Talking to each other in Hindi)

“Okay first he’ll ask you how old you are, you say : 21 years sir (in English)”

“ (Hindi) Next he’ll ask how long you’ve been in the army you say: 2 years sir (English)”

“(Hindi)Finally he’ll ask ‘do you specialise in arms or demolition’, you say: both sir (English)”

The soldier thanked his friend and went on to see the inspector.

Inspector: How long have you been in the army?

Soldier: 21 years sir

Inspector: How old are you?

Soldier: 2 years sir

Inspector (Frowning): Are you stupid or am I

Soldier: Both sir.

Joke 2

What do you call a cross between a zebra, a monkey and a sparrow?

You call the mental asylum because such a thing cannot exist and you must be mad since you asked such a crazy question.

Joke 3

What genre would you put a story about a plumber who travels to a different dimension, helping mushroom like creatures and killing weird turtle like creatures to rescue a princess from a giant turtle/dragon creature?

A lawsuit waiting to happen.

So what did you think? Did you laugh? Did you give a tiny chuckle?

Well even if my jokes didn’t make you laugh, why don’t try what I just did and make your own jokes? It’ll be something to put your mind to, which isn’t so stressful (as long as you don’t take it too seriously) and who knows, you might discover your hidden talent. You might just be the next comedy legend!

Joking aside, try to make your own jokes and have some fun with it.

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