Jobs I wish existed: Hug giver

Ever wish you could get a nice big hug from someone but there isn’t anyone around to hug? I have, many times.

Sure, I have family and friends but I can’t just go up to them all the time and say, “Hey I want a hug, can you give me one?” First off, they aren’t always around, they have their own things to do or sometimes they’re somewhere else; second, sometimes the other party isn’t in the mood for a hug and you can’t force them to give you one.

That’s why I wish there was a job or a place where I could get hugs, kind of like massage parlour. Just imagine, you go to an establishment, pay a small fee (a reasonable one) and you can get a hug from a professional hugger. They could give you nice strong hugs, light hugs, long hugs, brief hugs, hugs with a pat on the back, whatever you wanted. Maybe the price would be different depending upon the type of hug and how long you want that to be. Ya that would be nice.

Now look, I know this isn’t really practical, this post is more of a joke and meant to be entertaining. But still it would be nice of there was a way to get some nice hugs from someone when you’re feeling down and there’s no one around who can give you a hug.

Besides that, there is actual evidence showing that hugs can help you beat stress; I wrote about it in one of my previous posts.

Well I don’t have much more to say for this post so I’ll end it with this: if you are feeling stressed, or you want a hug and you do have someone around who is willing to give you one, then I say take it. You’ll feel better afterwards and the person giving the hug might end up feeling good too.

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