Try This: SmarterEveryDay

Hey it’s me the writer and welcome to Alternative Yoga. Today I’ll be talking about a YouTube channel that I have come to love called SmarterEveryDay.

SmarterEveryDay is run and hosted by a man named Destin. His website. doesn’t say much about him so I went to Wikipedia to find out more (so take the information with a grain of salt. This is what the wikipedia article  had to say.

His full name is Destin Wilson Sandlin, and he is an American engineer who lives in Huntsville, Alabama. He started posting videos on his channel back in 2007 but he formally launched Smarter Every Day on Apr 24, 2011 with this video.











Each video of the Smarter Every Day series is about scientific exploration, discovery or just satisfying curiosity. In the website’s about page the author, who I’m pretty sure is Destin, tells us his goals:

  1. “Get Smarter Every Day myself. I explore the world every day.”
  2. “Share what I learn with the world. I want people to see the world differently.”
  3. “Educate my children by securing their college fund.”

Like some of my previous posts here, the reason I like SmarterEveryDay is because Destin, the host makes the videos interesting. He has a real passion for what he is learning and you can see and feel that passion in his videos. Also, the style in which he explains things is interesting and I like the topics themselves too.

Here are some of the videos from the channel that I like.





















And here’s one of his older videos


He also has a second channel called Smarter Every Day 2 where he uploads behind the scenes stuff and some raw data from videos posted on his first channel.

So if you like learning new stuff and you like the way he presents it then try out Smarter Every Day. I hope it helps you with your stress as much as it helps me.

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