Try this: TED ed

Last time I talked about TED talks and how they can inspire you; I also mentioned in that post how they had many subsidiaries/branches. This time I am going to talk about one of those branches, TED ed.

TED-ed is a YouTube channel and website that teaches people different things through very well done animations. Their slogan is “Lessons Worth Sharing”.

Their lessons/videos range from things like “What makes a poem a poem” and “The history of surfing” to “the myth of Prometheus” and “The myth of Thor’s journey to the land of giants”. They have videos about nature, mathematics, history, myth, space, human nature and so much more. They even have these nifty riddles that force you to think laterally.

And just like last time, here are some of my favourite videos.







































And here are some riddle videos.










Well that’s about it for the introductions. Like TED talks, I enjoy watching the TED ed videos because of the knowledge they provide and the superb animations.

So try out TED ed, learn some new things and leave your stress and anxiety behind.

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