It’s not what you think/Outside the box: An ABCD Poem about writing this poem

Attempting to write a poem

Because I have nothing better to do

Certainty does not run through me

Distinct is the goal that lies before me

Eveready to move towards it

Fear runs through me none the less

Given that I have no talent in this

Heaven knows that

I still wish to attempt

Just to prove myself wrong

Kind are those around me as they try to

Level my doubts as they spring

Myself trying to believe them

Not doing very well on that front

Onward I go anyway

Praying I will make it

Questioning myself every step of the way

Reaching deep into my brain for

Something to that will help me continue

This is it, nearly there

Under seven more steps to go

Very close to the end

Will I make it?

Xanadu is in sight

Yes just one more to go

Zest builds up as I make it to the end

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