Try this: Anamorphic Drawings

How many of you have heard about anamorphic drawings? It’s pretty cool and has everything to do with how perspective can change everything.  Anamorphic drawings get their name from Anamorphisis which means a distorted projection or perspective in which you (the viewer) have to use a special device (like a cylindrical mirror) or place yourself at a certain view to be able to see the actual image/projection.

Anamorphic art has a long history, it goes all the way back to Leonardo Da Vinci’s time, at least according to this Wikipedia article called, “Anamorphosis”.

Most artists nowadays like to make anamorphic drawings that look 3D. You only realise they aren’t real when the artist changes the position of the camera. It really messes with your mind (in a good way if you ask me).  Here’s a video that explains it better.











It’s a bit weird but it can really blow your mind. There are three ways you can look at the mind-boggling nature of these drawings.

  1. The nice way: They are an embodiment of how nothing is ever what it seems and how we must look at something from every angle before we can truly understand it.
  2. The bad way: Everyone tries to show themselves in the best light possible and it is only when we change our perspective that we see the warped and twisted nature of the person, that they were hiding in plain sight.
  3. The neutral way: It’s a cool illusion to look at.

Now for the important part of this post, how can this help with your stress and anxiety? There are two ways as far as I can see.

  1. Go on the internet and search for anamorphic drawings. You can look at photos of them like here or here or you can just search for them yourself too.
  2. You can look at videos of them like this one.











Or this one




Or you could try drawing your own anamorphic art. We already know that creativity and doing things like drawing is a good way to manage stress. You can find a ton of ‘how to’ tutorial videos on the internet. Here’s a simple one to get you started.


Well that’s about it for this post. Hope it helped you out and for any of you thinking about trying anamorphic art, happy drawing to you.



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