It’s not what you think/Outside the box: Learning how random things work

I’ve said this many times already in previous posts- to the point that I’m starting to feel like a broken record – one of the best ways to manage your stress is to distract yourself from the situation. Take your brain off the thing that is causing you so much frustration and anguish for a little while so that you gather a little bit of sanity again, then you can go back to the problem at hand with a fresh mind (or at least one which is more fresh than it was before) and get some head way on it, maybe even solve the darned thing.

But hey if it works why complain? This post is no different than those other posts because now I’m going to be talk about another way to distract mind, learning about random things. It could be anything that you have a mild interest in like I don’t know, how to make a sword
























How does a mechanical watch works?





















What happens with our brains when we listen to music?















What would happen if we brought the sun to the earth?










How does a lightsaber works?





How does a radio work?



Or something really out there like how to make a computer game


(You can find more in depth videos out there if you search for yourself on youtube and google)

These are all just a couple of examples and in the end it is really up to you, what you are interested in and whether you want to learn more about it. In the end its all up to you and whether you want to do it. Personally I find it relaxing and I often get absorbed in meaningless things like the life of the Vonn Trap family (put Wikipedia link) or how you can move a lighthouse.

Now you might be saying well this just learning random trivia which has nothing to do with my life and won’t really effect me in any way so what’s the point of all this? Just remember at the end of the day the point isn’t necessarily to learn something new which will definitely be useful in your life. The point is to take your mind of the thing that is stressing you just long enough so that you can gather back your mental acuity to face it again.

So just relax a little and find out Kore about something you like. Happy trivia to you.

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