It’s not what you think/Outside the box: The Epic of the young one

This is the epic of an awfully young hero

Too young by some accounts

While he was no captain Nero

His heart was bigger by huge amounts


Truth be told this young one

Never dreamed a hero he would be

He barely had any time for fun

Survival came first you see


His life had never been simple

Far away was it from pleasing

Every step he took he would fumble

Even at birth he came out kicking and screaming


On that night when he came to the world

When his intelligence first started blooming

He tried eating a flower and failed

Did I mention he was not human?


A small foal our hero was

His mother a chestnut mare

If he was happy it was because

She made the world seem fair


Like when he couldn’t eat the flower

She showed him it was okay

She told him the facts of life for half an hour

And then they slept the night away


Time moved on as it does

Nights and days went by

And when the rains came down causing vision to fuzz

That’s when things started to go awry


At first it was but an annoyance

The ground being soggy all day

And it went on taking more, as if with joyance

They knew not just how much it would take away


Soon walking became a painful task

More swimming than walking really

It came to point that faces were water masks

And sights were nothing but dreary


It was now apparent what this was

As the herd struggled through the mud

The others had to plan leaving because

The rains were now a life-taker, a flood


The herd quickly decided

That if they were to survive

They would need to stay tight knit and crowded

And sadly having some of them die


As the herd began moving through it all

Beginning their long arduous journey

Keeping up their outer stallion wall

While inside the rest stayed sturdy


And it was from this low point that our young one

Showed skill that really shone

For while a danger was coming seen by no one

He was able to perceive it alone


Through the forest of legs and hooves

He recognised a familiar path

One which would many lives remove

And force them to feel heavens wrath


This path that they were going through

Would lead them to the river

That would be their doom for sure

The thought alone was enough to make him shiver


He knew he had warn them

Of the danger that lay ahead

Somehow he would get their attention

Else they would sleep forever in the River bed


But how was he to do that

He was still quite young after all

While not the foal he was at the start

How could he convince the ones who were so tall?


He worried about it as they moved

He worried about it for a long while

He worried that they would disapprove

And that forced his brain to stay immobile


But finally he made his choice

To save all those he cherished

For if he did not find his voice

Then all of them would perish


He whinnied for them to listen

A high pitched piercing squeal

Once he had their attention

Quickly he began his appeal


At first they refused to believe

Calling him a fool

To go so far and see nothing to achieve

They would rather ridicule


They lauded their experience

Challenging his choice

Only when his mother spoke

And added to his voice


Did they dare to think

Did they dare to look

And then they felt their hearts sink

Once they realised it was the wrong path they took


They began to splutter apologies

But the young stopped them in their tracks

He told them there was no time for sorrys

Now was the time to make tracks


And so they marched forward

Doing their best to make it through

Each encouraging the other to move onward

Despite the dangerous muddy stew


They went on despite the water

They went on despite the wind

They went on despite the danger

They went on as the water brimmed


They moved for what felt like hours

Their hooves began to feel like stones

Our hero felt his knees cower

And the chill sink into his bones


Until finally he couldn’t

Move ahead any more

Though he knew he shouldn’t

He stopped, and to the forest floor


He didn’t know what would kill him

Whether he would be trampled or drowned

And just when things were looking grim

Something lifted him of the slimy wet ground


Tired and breathing heavily

His vision all a blur

He thought what had saved me

And then he realised it was his mother


She had come back for her son

When she realised he had fallen

He tried to thank her for what she had done

But instead he started coughing


She told him he should rest

And not say another word

Now they faced another test

They needed to get back to the herd


To save him she had to leave

The safety that came with numbers

When he saw this he couldn’t believe

The extent at which his blunder


Had put them both in danger

And nearly ended both their lives

He lost all hope then and there

And readied himself for their demise


But the mare swiftly stopped that thought

She told him to be brave

All their hard work would have been for nought

If his mind were to cave


After cajoling and persisting

She finally had him convinced

They had to keep moving

And get back to the herd quick


Perilous was the journey onward

Filled with wind and rain

Without the herd’s protection

Every step was filled with cold and pain


Finally the herd was in sight

Finally a turn of luck

All they needed was a step of might

When suddenly disaster struck


His mother suddenly fell down

Her leg on something was trapped

And when she got up from the ground

There came a loud snap


She let out a terrible scream

So loud the dead could have woken

It could only one thing mean

The poor girl’s leg had broken


Our foal tried to help the mare

With everything that he had

But the leg would not be freed from the snare

It stayed strong with its vice like grab


Knowing what had to be done

The mare looked into the foals eyes

She told him that he needed to run

And leave her to her journey to the skies


The foal begged that she come with him

There just had to be a way

Or else his mistake would become a sin

And he would blame himself everyday


She told him he was not to blame

That this bad thing had happened

He should go and live without shame

And live his life knowing she was gladdened


That she had such a good son

So brave and so kind

To always remember she was his loved one

And always keep her in his mind


After much more convincing

And crying on his part

He left her after kissing

Her forehead, it broke his heart


And so his life was saved

Along side the rest of the herd

And as for the promise he had made

He made sure to keep his word


He lived his life to the fullest

And had many more adventures

And while his actions weren’t the surest

From his mistakes he always learned


And thanks to his actions from the past

He made many new sisters and brothers

But even now he will not forget his loss

His one, his only, his mother

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