Games that calm you down: 4 differences

How many of you have seen those puzzles that come in some newspapers, magazines or books that place two nearly identical pictures side to side and then ask you to find the differences? I really liked those games as a kid, in fact I still quite enjoy them even as an adult. I don’t get to see them as much nowadays though, mostly because I have moved since that  time and I haven’t bothered to subscribe to the newspapers in this area (nowadays I get my news from the internet and the TV).

However there is no need to fear, as thanks to the power of the internet, these spot the difference games are alive, well and thriving. But I want to bring your attention to one spot the difference game in particular, one called 4 differences.

The game is mostly like all the other spot the differences games; you just need to find 4 differences in each picture they show you. What makes the game interesting is that each of the pictures is animated and music plays in the background. The animation can give more of a challenging edge to the game because sometimes you have to wait for something to pass by to spot the difference. For example in one of the picture pairs I was playing I had to wait for an aeroplane that was only showing up in one picture to pass by and then click on it.

It is quite a nice game, the music is soothing and so are the animations, they are almost like watching waves flow back and forth on a beach. You can try the game out for yourself here.

The game is made by someone who goes by the name ivoryboy, who has also made two other games of the same type, 5 differences and 6 differences, they are almost exactly like the 4 difference game with animations, music and everything, so enjoy yourselves.

Well that’s about it for this post, I hope you liked it and I hope you enjoy the game I suggested. It’s a good way to forget about the day for a while so give it a shot.

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