It’s not what you think/Outside the box: Illogical logic: How the super power of flight works

I have said it before in previous posts (in one form or another) that sometimes doing something stupid that is just meant for wasting time can be one of the best ways to deal with stress. So for this post I want to try something different, instead of writing something meaningful I am just going to be applying Illogical logic to a topic explaining how I think it works, something like what the character Danger Dolan does in this video (except my stuff won’t be animated).


I would also like to say that this post is meant to be funny and is for entertainment purposes only, nothing else. So please don’t take this post seriously. Also, not all of these ideas are original; many are derived from other stories, both sci-fi and magical.

Okay now let’s get started; everyone knows about the superpower of flight, and I’m not talking about stuff like having a jetpack or rocket boots or beings with giant wings on their back like Angels, that makes some sense in its own way. I’m talking about beings that are able to fly without anything conventional, Superman can do it, Goku from Dragon Ball Z can do it, Storm from the X-Men can do it, and the list goes on. But what is it that lets these people fly? Well I have my own theories about it and that is what I am going to talk about here.

  1. Cosmic energy/Qi energy/Life energy etc.: In a lot of cartoons, anime and various stories, the people in the story always talk about this energy that surrounds us and is within us. They often use this energy to augment their bodies giving them super-strength and speed. In some cases they are even able to push it outwards, making it affect the environment around them. So here is what I think they do, they simply use the energy and push it outwards to generate lift like a rocket and then just like a rocket they control the output to make them hover or fly. Then if they want to change direction they change the place they are pushing from, simple enough. As to how they are able to control this energy in the first place, when I think about it I think about those yoga and Kung Fu masters that come on Television sometimes, the ones that seem to be able to do things no normal human can do like stop or slow their heart at will, make themselves impervious to pain, hang themselves from nooses and meditate (and come out if it just fine I might add) break bricks with their hands, legs and heads, and break bricks on other people’s stomachs. It’s all about training yourself to do something you didn’t know you could do and controlling your mind and body. Think of it like a muscle you control which is outside your body.
  1. Using mystical and sci-fi objects/artifacts: In a lot of stories, cartoons, tv series and movies, a lot of the characters use strange objects to help them fly like the Green Lantern power ring or Doctor Strange’s cape of levitation or an anti-gravity belt. When it comes to sci-fi objects it is hard to say since there is supposed to be actual science behind it and each object probably uses different scientific theories to run them. For example the antigravity belt, the only thing I can think of is that it somehow changes the person’s density, since gravity is affected by the density of an object. How does it do that? This sounds very strange even to me but I think that the anti-gravity thing somehow links two dimensions together, putting a majority of a person’s mass into the other dimension and allowing them to float in this one. The mass is still connected and that is how they are still alive but the mass is in another dimension. It’s very new age quantum mechanics stuff. As for the mystical objects like the power ring and the cloak of levitation, those are basically like computers with giant batteries filled with energy. They work on the same principle as the outside muscle except that instead the object being your own muscle, you communicate with the object like you would with a computer, telling it what you want it to do and then it runs the calculations and mechanisms inside it which manipulates the energy to do what you want it to do. Just like a computer, you need to learn exactly how to use it; sometimes it is easy and intuitive and other times it is more complicated.
  1. Other factors like magic, psychic powers and other mutant powers: Most other ways that may be used to bestow the super power of flight can be explained by the outside muscle theory. Whether it is weather manipulation, psychic powers or magic that is causing someone to fly they are all just different ways to achieve the same results.

And so that is how I think the super power of flight works. I probably missed out on some other ways to fly but I can’t cover everything in one post, plus I can’t think of all of them either, I’m only human after all. Also, I want to state again that these are only ways I think it works, that is to say it is just my opinion. If you have your own explanations then please feel free to share. Otherwise I hope you liked this somewhat strange post and that it helped you waste your time and feel less stressed. Until next time, have a good one.

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