Games that calm you down: Cookie Clicker

In this post I am going to be talking about another game that is supposed to help you when you are stressed out, it is called Cookie Clicker.

Cookie Clicker is a game which was created back in 2013 using javascript ; it was created by a French programmer who goes by the name of  Julien Thiennot. The point of the game is to bake as many cookies as possible by clicking on the giant cookie on the screen as many times as you can, as fast as you can (without completely destroying your mouse); one click means one cookie baked. As the game continues and you bake more cookies you can use your cookies as currency and buy upgrades.

Upgrades include stuff like autoclickers, grandmothers and factories, all of which give you more cookies over time automatically. There is no end to the game, you just keep collecting more and more cookies and unlock more upgrades which gives you more cookies (if only making money in real life was that simple!). You can try out the game for yourself here.

If you want to know what the game looks like you can watch this video:

I’m not sure how relaxing and de-stressing this game is, there is a lot of clicking and repetition involved, which may play a part in the de-stressing nature of the game and it is kind of fun to play as a time waster. I have heard of people who have played this game for hours just clicking away. I myself have played this game a few times with varying results. There are times when I only play the game for five minutes and then get bored of it, and then there are other times when for some reason I just keep on going at trying to unlock all the upgrades and get as many cookies as I can and the next thing I know 1 and half hours have gone by and all I’ve done during that time is gather 50,000 cookies and developed a very sore finger (I’m exaggerating a tiny bit here but I think you get what I mean).  So basically every time I played the game was a different experience for me, so even if you play it once and don’t think much of it, your opinion might change if you play it again.

There are a lot of other games which work on very similar mechanics but with a different premise, there is one where you are a hero and you must gather friends to defeat monsters and there is another one where you are a patient in a mental asylum and you must kill other patients and your own delusions to escape (very horrific and gory this one) just to name two. So even if you feel that cookie clicker is not for you, there are other similar games that may suit you better, you just have to look for them, some are paid and some are free so there is something for everyone.

So the next time you are stressed and have some free time on your hands try out Cookie Clicker. You may like or you may not, but hey isn’t that what life is all about? Trying out new things and experiencing them for yourself?

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