Try this: Partying with friends

I have been to parties with my friends before, not all of them were really my scene but I still enjoyed hanging out with my friends, unless things got too crazy at which point I would stop enjoying myself.

I want to make two things clear; number one is that this may not work for everyone. Not everybody likes to socialise with a large number of people even if their friends are among them, not to mention most of the time when you go to a party at least 80% of the people there are strangers. However, a party doesn’t always mean going out to the club or to some place with 100s of people. A party can also be a small group of people hanging out doing what they want, when they want, where they want. Most people won’t think of it as a party in the traditional sense but the online dictionary defines a party as: “a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment.”

And that could even mean something like watching a movie or maybe even a picnic.

Point number two is I myself don’t like to go out for a party with my friends; usually it’s a small get together with no drinking involved, I’m not a very social person after all. Also, I know that if I went out too often I’d burn myself out; I’m the type of person who recharges by being alone, not by socialising with other people constantly. I know that there are people like that but I am not one of them. Still despite that I don’t like being alone all the time, I do still like being around friends and people I know on a more personal level.

Recently I went out to meet my friends at their house, it was a small get together with only 6 people (not really a party). We had a nice dinner played games and listened to music and talked late into the night, nothing fancy but still fun and relaxing.

Partying can be fun even if you are an introvert by nature; the trick is to be with friends; or if you go to a big party with strangers, hanging out with the right crowds. Just keep your eyes and ears open and look for people who seem friendly enough to talk to, you might make mistakes or you might make new friends, you never know. It’s also a good way to stop thinking about your stresses, just focus on the partying and having fun.

Anyway that’s it for this post. As I said before you don’t have to party if you really don’t want to, but if you’re up to it then give it a try, just don’t go and do anything crazy. Remember this is about stress relief not getting into trouble, party but do it responsibly.

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