Try This: Team Edge

Once again I would like to share a silly YouTube channel with which you can forget about your worries and stresses for a little while by watching the YouTubers who run the channel do silly things and make fools of themselves for our entertainment. The channel I’m talking about in this post is called Team Edge

Team Edge basically consists of three men and sometimes random guests, who perform various silly challenges, games and stunts, (most of which they make up by themselves) for our viewing pleasure.


Team Edge comprises of:

  • Matthias
  • J-Fred
  • Bryan
  • And many others too of course but the people we see the most are those three

Three men who for some reason decided that doing silly things, recording them and then uploading them on the internet on a regular basis was a good idea, and they were kind of right.

In the channel they are always competing with each other, playing new games, setting up challenges and they continuously make fun and tease each other. In each video they award points to each other according to how well to do a given task, at the end of the video the person with the least points has to suffer a punishment chosen by the rest of them.

They uploaded their first video way back on September 28th 2015

They’ve come a long way since that first video, they’ve had new set ups, new ideas, played a lot of different games and challenges and from the look of it had a lot of fun along the way. Like I said before, sometimes they have guests over and make collab videos, their most frequent guest as far as I can tell is another YouTuber who goes by the name of Markiplier.

I realise that there are some people who will say that this is not real entertainment and that this is dumb; but you know what, you can’t always put your brain in gear, sometimes you have to give it a rest and let it process something that doesn’t require so much thinking and is just silly enough to entertain and give you a laugh, after all laughing is the best way to get rid of stress fast.

We’re coming close to the end of this post and I just want to say this. As much as I like to watch them do all this, it saddens me to think that it probably won’t last forever, after all people change and stuff happens, Team Edge will probably change one day too. How long will they keep doing this? Who knows? But I really like what they do and I for one hope that they keep this up for a very long time.

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