Things that get me stressed: Traveling

I like vacations as much as the next guy and I like seeing new places too; in my life so far I have been to Nepal, China, Thailand, Cambodia and various parts of India, some parts of Europe (although the European places I travelled to were when I was a toddler so I’m not sure if it counts), but even though I liked visiting and seeing these places, but I hate travelling. I cannot properly explain just how much I hate travelling.

The act of packing everything you will need, making sure you have everything, carrying your luggage all over the place, the tension of whether your luggage will make it okay with you, and in some cases making sure no one is trying to steal your luggage.

And then of course there is the travelling itself. To be fair I don’t really mind travelling which only takes a couple of hours I can put up with that; but I don’t like it when the travel time starts to enter the days’ territory. When I was a kid my family and I would travel by train to visit my grandparents every year during summer vacation, and as much as I loved seeing my grandparents I hated the train ride there, because it would take us two days to get there, TWO DAYS! Do you know how exhausting that is both mentally and physically?

Then of course there is the part when you travel to a new place and have to stay somewhere unfamiliar like a hotel. As I have mentioned before in this blog I have OCD and because of that I have a hard time adjusting to new environments and change. So even if I go to the most comfortable hotel room in the world, I will still be tense. It’s not that I can’t adjust, it’s just that it takes me much longer to adjust than most other people.

For me personally, the hardest thing to adjust to is the bathroom. Don’t ask me why, it is a completely psychological thing but it takes me a long time to get used to a new bathroom, I will go in there to do my business and I won’t be able to because I am so tense. It sucks.  I realise that there are a lot of other people who have the same problem which makes me feel not so alone in my struggle but that doesn’t change the fact that I still have to struggle. I really envy people who can go anywhere like it was nothing (what’s the secret dude, please tell me).

I think that if I didn’t have OCD and I was more adaptable as a person then I wouldn’t hate travelling so much. Unfortunately that’s not the case so instead all I have is travel hating me. I really wish teleportation existed, then I could visit all the places I wanted and just go back home when I needed to rest. Maybe someday that will actually happen but in the mean time I just have one thing to say, I hate travelling.

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