Games that calm you down: Flowy

Everyone feels anxious and or stressed at some point in their lives; nobody goes through a completely carefree and perfect life. The only difference is that some people are able to get over stress and anxiety more quickly than others. Today I am going to be talking about a mobile game that helps you deal with stress and anxiety, and is designed keeping in mind people who are affected by stress more severely than most others. It’s called Flowy.

Flowy was created by Playlab London and was designed to help people who suffer from panic attacks. The game acts as an interface for the player and teaches/uses breathing retraining techniques to help the player manage their anxiety.  It does this by helping players slow their breathing and makes them breathe with their diaphragm instead of their chest muscles. The exercises used in the game are helpful for combating panic attacks, and are supported by a recent meta-analysis of psychological treatments of panic disorders. You can’t use the game as a replacement for professional mental health care but it is still a helpful tool against anxiety.

The game itself is very simple, cute and fun. You control a boat that is travelling on wind power; you dodge obstacles and collect coins by swiping left and right as you move forward. The wind is made by a friendly cloud that simulates deep breathing; the idea is to breathe with the cloud while you play the game. The game is very easy to play and that is the point, you’re supposed to focus more on taking deep breaths so the game won’t throw anything very distracting at you. The game also has a few side features like a questionnaire to help measure your anxiety and a graph to help you keep track of it. There is also a practice mode which lets you focus more on your breathing.

All in all this game does a really good job at helping people with anxiety issues. If you want to find out more about the game you can go to these sites (which are where I got most of my information from):

This is what the game looks like by the way.


You can get the game for yourself at the App store, or at Google Play.

Well that’s about it for this post. If you enjoy playing mobile games and want to calm down then I suggest trying this game out for yourself. Hope you liked this post and have fun with the game.

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