Facebook Tests

Fotos produzidas pelo Senado (31361958355)

By Senado Federal (Fotos produzidas pelo Senado) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In one of my earlier posts, I talked about internet quizzes and how I found them entertaining and suggested that they might be good for stress. Today I’m going to be talking about something kind of similar, Facebook Tests. Now in order to get these things to work there are two things you need:

  1. An active Facebook account (most people have this nowadays so it’s safe to assume you have one too).
  2. The ability to press buttons with your mouse.

And that’s it, that isn’t so hard right?

There are a bunch of these tests lying around the internet, just to make this more fun, I am going to list out some of these and then tell you what answer I got for them (unless they mention someone’s name or it gets too personal).

Which animal are you when you’re angry?

Apparently I’m a tiger.

What are the three occupations that suit you?

According to this test: web designer, Biologist and an accountant.

What gift did you receive from God?

Love, according to them.

What Colour dominates your life?


What word defines your dreams?

Power (ya, I don’t get that one either)

As you can tell, not only are there a lot of these tests, there are different types too. Tests which tell you who your best friend is, tests which tell you about your past life, tests which tell you your future, the list goes on.

I always get a weird kick out of these tests, how they tell me these random things from a click of a button, it makes me wonder how they do it. Do they actually make some calculations based on my profile and come up with an answer? Or do they just give a random answer to everyone? Either way I find these tests oddly entertaining, which is why I am sharing them with you; maybe you will find them entertaining as well? Maybe they will help you feel a little better when you are down?

Anyway that’s it for this post, I hope you liked it and I hope you have fun with the Facebook Tests.


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