Hobbies that calm you down: Watching documentaries

Have you ever felt so down, had such a terrible day that when you got back home you thought to yourself, “Oh man there is only one thing that can make me feel better after the day I’ve had, and that’s watching a documentary.” Have you ever thought that to yourself?

I certainly haven’t!  I mean sure, I like watching documentaries every now and then but if I’m stressed out I don’t sit down and look for the next exciting tree frog documentary, but that’s just me. Okay I know I’m making fun of this,  but in all seriousness  watching documentaries is a hobby and I do know some people who like to watch documentaries regularly and even have a collection of documentary DVD’s. And as I said before, I like watching documentaries too (not necessarily ones which are all about tree frogs, but still). I don’t watch them regularly but I still watch them. The nice thing about documentaries is that just like movies there are many different genres, some talk about history, some talk about nature, some talk about science, politics, travelling, food, people, places, spaces, languages, sports, dancing and a heck of a lot more; there’s something for everybody.


(or this one)


(maybe this one too)


Just like any movie, a lot of work goes into making a documentary; scripting, filming, editing, the whole shebang. And just like any movie some documentaries turn out pretty good and some not so much. Still there is a lot to choose from so you can definitely find something that interests you if you look hard enough.

As to why some people find watching documentaries relaxing I can only make a few guesses. It might be the fact that they are talking about something that interests the person watching, it may be that the narrators voice is soothing, maybe there is nice background music, maybe the visuals are soothing , maybe they like to learn new things, maybe it is all of these or none of these. Whatever the case, some people like watching documentaries in their spare time to relax and unwind.

We’re coming to the end of this post and I’ll end with this. Yes I made fun of people watching documentaries to relax but everyone is different and let’s face it, watching documentaries isn’t a bad hobby, you learn new things and if you like what you’re watching you feel relaxed. So try looking for a documentary you like and watch it; go ahead, relax and expand your knowledge at the same time.

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