Things that get me stressed: Bad Bosses

Boss Tweed, Thomas Nast

Thomas Nast [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The phrase, “Bad Bosses” is actually rather vague since everyone will have varying opinions of what is bad and also everyone has their own experiences with bad bosses. In this post I am going to be talking about some of my experiences with bosses who I specifically thought were bad.

Experience no.1 : The company I was working for at the time was getting ready for an event which they hold every year and one of the higher ups was going to give a speech. My boss at the time decided that I should be the one who writes the speech. I had never done something like that before and I told my boss that, but he said to just do it, okay boss man you asked for it. I did some research and wrote out a speech, it wasn’t the best thing in the world but it was okay, so I sent it to my boss and figured that was that. A week goes by and there are no complaints so I figured they accepted my work. Then one day I come to the office and out of the blue my boss tells me the speech is no good. I felt really bad and I thought about all the research I had done, what had I done wrong. So my boss tells me that he is going to have to sit with me and change the speech; we sit down and he looks through the speech on the computer screen and tells me to add a ‘the’ somewhere, and that’s it. He looks at me all smug and goes on about how much better it was. Needless to say I was pissed.

First you tell someone who has no experience with something to do a certain job, then you chastise them for doing a bad job knowing full well, that they don’t have any experience and then you ‘fix’ it by putting an insignificant ‘the’ somewhere? And it’s not like this is a mathematical equation or a computer program or something like that where the smallest detail can mess everything up, it’s a speech, a speech that he didn’t even contribute to in any meaningful way.

I don’t know about you but at this point I feel like this guy doesn’t even know how to do his job. Either that or he has no people skills at all.

Experience no.2: One time my boss had his mail sent to the office and he got a new credit card from the bank; I know this because as soon as he got it he immediately started showing it off to everyone at the office. Apparently it was one of those ultra-rare platinum-titanium-black diamond type credit cards which is only given to people who have a lot of money and he wanted to make sure everybody knew that. Then he said something really nasty, I can’t remember his exact words but it was something along the lines of, “You know you people are a real inspiration to me, I look at you and I realise just how much I never want to be as poor as all of you,” and then he went back to his office.

How much of a douchebag do you have to be to rub your wealth in someone else’s face like that?

Experience no.3: This is actually something I have talked about in another post but it is also relevant to this post so I think I should put it here as well. Also, I want to point out that since this the same scenario I have copy-pasted a lot of the stuff from the old post (I’m feeling a little lazy, cut me some slack). One time I was told to put up a video on our company’s Facebook page but when I tried uploading it Facebook wouldn’t let us, apparently the music in the video was copyrighted and we didn’t have the rights to it. Now to be fair this wasn’t the company’s fault, this was the fault of the production house that made the video and put in the music. Still, it was a problem which I needed to point out, truth is I was bit surprised that no one else had noticed.

I told my boss about it they told me to do something about it and get it up; I said okay and started working on it. I asked for help from my co-workers but unfortunately they were busy and couldn’t help me, so I tried coming up with different uploading routes but kept hitting obstacles along the way. A day went by and my boss started to get pissed off at me, scolding me for taking so long. I tried to explain the problem pointing out the fact that the music was copyrighted and that everyone else was busy and that I was doing what I could, but my boss just got more pissed off and started lecturing me about how unprofessional I was being, and saying things like they should cut my pay check for my incompetence. Eventually I did get the video up (by changing the background music with something which wasn’t copyrighted) but the entire ordeal had left me stressed out and emotionally drained.

It’s when things like this happen that I feel like all bosses should take a course on how to interact with your employees.

Well those are some of my experiences with bad bosses. Anyone who has had to or does work with a bad boss will know that they are more trouble than they are worth, they keep piling on the work and they leave you feeling emotionally drained to the point where you can’t cope with anything else. When you face these kinds of people my advice is to remember that they are just a very small part of your life, there are a lot more important things that deserve your attention. Just try to minimize contact with these people as much as possible and every time you have to face them just remind yourself, they are not as important as they make themselves out to be.


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