Try this: Videos of animals playing

I have already said before in one of my previous posts how cute animals can help calm us down. But you know what is more effective? When the same cute animals do cute things.

Whenever I watch nature documentaries (yes I watch nature documentaries. What? Don’t look at me like that) one of my favourite parts is seeing the young baby animals. They just look so cute and cuddly and fluffy, I just want to hug them and pinch their little cheeks.

But for me the most adorable thing is when baby animals are playing. Either with each other















Or with an object











Or alone









Or with a human being






Something about them just melts my heart. Watching these types of videos always manages to cheer me up and make me feel happier when I am down.

Actually it may be a bit of problem. Sometimes when I am stressed and/or anxious, I start watching these kinds of videos to feel better and I keep watching them so much one after the other that next thing I know 3 hours have gone by (talk about a time waster). Not the wisest thing to do; but you need to be stupid before you can become wise. Still, me wasting my time like that isn’t right; it is okay to let loose and indulge yourself every once in a while but go too far and you’re just making things bad again, maybe worse. What I’m trying to say is go ahead and enjoy the videos of the cute animals playing, but don’t be like me and get sucked into it for too long, remember you do have a life to live.

Anyway, watching videos of baby animals playing is just my suggestion to you to help calm yourself down when you are stressed out or anxious. They work for me so I think they can work for you as well. So enjoy the cute animals and I hope you feel less stressed afterwards.


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