Games that calm you down: Where’s my water

In this post I am going to be talking about a mobile app which is actually a few years old but is a lot of fun to play to this day; it is called, “Where’s my water?”


Where’s my water? is a puzzle game developed by Creature Feep and published by Disney Mobile. It is mainly a mobile game but can be played on a desktop and via web browser as well.

The story of the game goes something like this; Swampy – the main character in the game – is one of many alligators who live in the sewers.  Unlike the other alligators, Swampy hates being dirty (you should probably move swampy) so he takes a lot if baths regularly. The problem is Cranky – another alligator – keeps disrupting the water supply to Swampy’s home. It is up to us, the player to solve the puzzle in each level and bring the water to Swampy’s house (or he could just move, that would help everybody).

Somewhere in the level is a finite source of water but sometimes it may be an infinite source coming from a pipe. You need to dig a path through the dirt so that the water can flow to Swampy’s bathtub. Once enough water reaches the tub then the game level is over. Sometimes players will have to drive the water through pipes and other mechanisms to open a route. The game is physics based so there will be times when you have to use gravity and the dirt to shoot the water from one place to another; it is a bit strange but you can get the hang of it fairly quickly.

As you go through the game the levels get more difficult (obviously) and you come across different hazards like algae that sucks up water, green slime and poison that pollutes the water, among other things. Sometimes you need to use these hazards to progress but most of the time they get in the way. If you run out of clean water or some of the polluted water reaches Swampy’s tub, then you lose the game.

Each level has three rubber ducks you can collect by filling them with enough water, these give bonus points. But be careful, if any of the hazardous material like the poison touches the ducks, they will be destroyed, which means no more bonus.

The game was extremely popular when it came out and inspired multiple spin-offs like Where’s my Perry, Where’s my Mickey and others. They even made a sequel, Where’s my water 2.

It’s a really nice puzzle game, good for wasting time and as a distraction. The only downside is that it is a paid game.

If you don’t mind spending the money then you can get it at the Apps store or the Play store  . There is a free version but it doesn’t have as many levels and it has ads. You can get it at the Apps store or Play store too.

And of course you can play the game on the web too , although it’s a bit choppy so be ready for that.

So go ahead and try out ‘Where’s my water?’ If nothing else it will help waste some of that extra time you have on your hands.

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